This is my main homepage.

You can find some of my code on GitHub. (See also here for highlights / the projects I'm actually proud of.)

I also have a blog. (It is occasionally even updated!) Link. Some books (mainly fiction) I have read / am currently reading are listed on Goodreads (reviews in EN, in FI).

Additionally, you'll find my (non-academic) resume here.

The most reliable way to contact me is via email:

Other social media / internet presence / etc:
  • IRCnet (and some others): aqsalose
  • Twitter: @aqsalose
  • (I also experimented with Twitter-alternative Mastodon in 2017-2018 but I've been inactive for some time now.)
  • I kinda hate LinkedIn (I don't really know how to network, esp. career-wise, and I hate advertising it to the whole world) but I decided once again try maintaining an updated profile: link
  • No, I am not currently active on Facebook.
  • ...I prefer email.