…this blog, in general?


Cybernetic memory implants exist only within the realm of science fiction.

However, a blog with categories and tags serves as a perfectly good substitute for an external memory bank. Or a modern ‘tech’ alternative to a hipster notebook.

…longer explanation

My Firefox bookmark folder of various links (ranging from ‘‘huh, that’s interesting, I’ll read that later’’ to ‘‘this is a great reference’’ and even ‘‘SIMPLY AMAZING!!’’) has grown so large it’s practically unmanageable.

As a solution, from this point on I intend to collect here all newspaper articles, arxiv preprint pdfs, blog posts, links and other interesting stuff I’ve found in the internet (and the occasional writing of my own), and make heavy use of Jekyll’s tag and category mechanism. Hopefully this catalogue will be an actually useful resource.

Lightweight, static, markdown-and-YAML-metadata-block based blog platform seems “good enough” tool for this purpose. Additionally, I have now myself a new blog, and I see no reason why it couldn’t live in the public web.

In other words, this ‘blog’ is a mostly link-blog (if such things exist anymore in the age of Twitter?), maybe with an occasional longer post.

I try to stick to English, but that’s not a promise, and you might see Finnish now and then.

…technical details?

This is a simple static blog built with jekyll / Jekyll. (Static webpages == awesome; fast and simple! However, don’t expect I’m going to implement comments too soon.)

The theme you see is based on the default Jekyll theme jglovier / jekyll-new with some modifications.

Image source for header photo

Gustave Doré: Don Quijote de La Mancha and Sancho Panza, 1863, from here. (Public domain.)