This is a list of some of the blogs I read. (Like all such lists, it’s incomplete and outdated.) I occasionally even write short introductions, which can be found under the blogroll category on the all categories page


in no particular order

The Renaissance Mathematicus: history and philosophy of science. Learn why Copernician crisis wasn’t, and much more. Earlier post.

Sir Timothy Gowers’ weblog, of Discrete Analysis fame. Earlier post.

Scott Aaronson blogs at Shtetl-Optimized. Quantum computing and complexity theory and tangential subjects.

Bill Gasarch and Lanse Fortnow blog at Computational Complexity about guess what. Earlier post. (… why I read so many complexity theory blogs if I’m not even specializing in complexity theory? One needs hobbies?).

Zach C. Lipton at Approximately Correct on AI, ML and others. Earlier post.

R. J. Lipton at Gödel’s Lost Letter. Complexity theory, P vs NP, other similar CS topics. Earlier post.

With high probability. Combinatorics, probability, and theoretical computer science. Earlier post.

Terence Tao. More often than not, I notice that the topic of the new posts is way over my head, but the old articles and lecture notes are a treasure.

Andrew Gelman has a very active blog: Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. Also occasional contributions by Bob Carpenter, Aki Vehtari, and others.

Finnish Inverse Problems Society Computational Blog. Inverse problems. Gentle introduction to the topics my M.Sc. thesis is about.

John K. Kruschke (author of Doing Bayesian Data Analysis aka the Dogs Book) blogs about Bayesian statistics.

Simo K. Kivelä blogs about (numerical) maths in Finnish.

Keith Devlin blogs about maths stuff on Devlin’s Angle.

Mike Glyer updates about science fiction news at File770. Very prolific.

Jukka Kemppinen. Half of the time I don’t have any idea what he writes about, but more often than not, it’s interesting. Maybe one broad thematic descriptor would be ‘‘cultural history of Finland’’? (In Finnish.)

David Richeson / Division by Zero. Mostly geometry.

Michael Nielsen.

Anders Sandberg, of dissolving Fermi paradox fame.

SlateStarCodex. The weird one.

C.S. Kaplan. Geometry. General math and CS.

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Blog.

While My MCMC Gently Smaples. “Bayesian modeling, Computational Psychiatry, and Python”, by Thomas Wiecki.

Isaac Slavitt. No posts recently, but archive has nice stuff about computational methods / statistics with Python / Julia.

Bruce Schneier. Cybersecurity. Cryptography.